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my boyfriend dumped me and i cant get over it?

well i been gonig out with my boyfriend since 12 th may and last saturday i dumped him because he ditched me for his friends so, being stupid, i dumped him, then we talked and got back together, then he started being off with me still, not talking t me and gonig off . then last night he told me he dont know if he loved me anymore i cried soo much because i knew that meaned he didnt then a few mintues later i asked him if he loved me and he said "no :( " i couldnt stop crying for ages , i stll love him though , i cant get over it , i love him tooo much , i want him back and i asked if theres chance with us again and he said no and the reason why is because we will never et our problem sorted even though, in my eyes there aint a problem. i really cant live without him , he is the only thing i have , my family hate me because im bi , im just soo upset

i love him still, i have even told him that andhejust replies with " im sorry :("


i am a boy who is 15 and bi for everyone who thinks im a girl lol

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    Get over it. It's part of life and you sound like you are not ready for a serious relationship. Please learn to spell and form complete sentences. Communication skills are the basis for relationships. Work on your communication and stop whining, please.

    Your relationship is over. You dumped him like a brat because he went out with his friends. Grow up dear.

  • it sounds that you fall fast and hard when you get into a relationship. I just got out of a 1 year and 4 month relationship, (Yeah it hurts like hell), the best thing to do it just calm down, talk to him, friend like though. Everyonce and a while you can bring it up, dont ask him if he loves you, ask him if he thinks theres a chance you two will get back together, if he says no, still stay calm and say ok. Then you can ask if he atleast has feelings for you still, just slowly work your way up to the big question again, "do you love me?". I hope all works out, and im sorry your family is like that. Good luck. ;-)

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    well it sounds like the guy is ********...i mean he really doesn't deserve u...i dont know u but i can tell ur a really sweet guy...i know its hard to forget about him but jus remember the bad things he has done and surpress the good ones...cuz he is an ***...and i know u love him still and all, so try to move on, its gonna be hard but its for the best...i know there are way better guys out there

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    There are plenty of fishies in the sea....Although it may seem that he is the only one that keeps you happy and alive at times, realistically there is somebody else that can make you happier. You just have to be patient.

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    Forgetting and forgiving is a lot harder than it sounds.Sure you can forgive him for hurting but forget ?? Thats a tough one.Its really heartbreaking to know about your incident But its better to forget and look forward for better days ahead ! Find someone who doesn't raise your suspicions .

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    Stop chasing him.

    You're the female, you should have guys chasing you.

    Get some dignity.

    & Some grammar handbooks.

    How old are you?

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    youll get over him eventually..... TRUST me.... you really will. Did you honestly think you were gonna get married?? no. you'll find some other guy soon and forget all about ur ex

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