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How long should they be in there?

Ok, so my wife forgot to tell me we were out of towels, and my 3 year old just got out of the bathtub and I need a way to dry them off. So... I put them in the microwave to dry off. Is 30 minutes enough time to thoroughly dry them off? Or do they need to be in the microwave a bit longer. Oopps I gotta go check on them...

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    people thought you meant the towels, that's funny.

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    I would say 30 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to dry off your children... If you just want to get rid of the water on the surface of their skin, try pressing the [Defrost] button or setting it for 30 seconds on 50% power. Next time, don't try to cook them a little excitement of water molecules due to increased electromagnetic radiation is good enough.

    Source(s): Listen, I know he's just kidding, don't report him just because you hate people who make funny jokes.
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    I wouldn't put towels in the microwave...they could burn.

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    How about finding something else to use, like a clean bathrobe or clean sweatshirt or something?

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    microwave? isnt that a little heated box for FOOD?

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    lol the oven might work better

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    not funny

  • 1 decade ago

    i really hope ur not that dumb

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    dont do that, they could burn your kid!

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