Mesna, IQ with effect of age?


When I was in Grade 3 my teachers pushed me to get out of the public school and into gifted. I was given an age corrected IQ test in grade 2 and achieved a score of 180. My parents refused the gifted program, though I am now enrolled in a private high school averaging 85% recent IQ tests have shown my IQ has dropped to 150. If a child such as myself was properly educated from the begining would it be possible to achieve a higher IQ with age?

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    From my understanding IQ levels of children can fluctuate widely due to varying growth rates. So if you had a sudden growth spurt just before your test, you may score very high. Likewise, if you were developing slower than normal, your IQ may be lower. There are very few adults in the world with an IQ of 180 or above. 150 is still quite impressive.

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    Likely not.

    A score of 180 as a child is expected to fall to 150 as an adult, on the deviation scale. Your IQ hasn't actually changed at is...exactly the same. The difference here being the scales are different.

    180 indicated your brain was functioning at a mental age 1.8 times your chronological age, and 150 indicates the score is at the 99.95th percentile, or achieved by approximately 1 in 2160.


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