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ok, so i'm gay. I have a girl friend and we have been together for 5 months. It is a serious relationship, like...we have been through a whol;e freaking lot! Anywho, I recently met this girl that at the moment of conversation, I really really liked her. I asked my girlfriend for a break and kind of got together with this one girl, but not relationship-wise. I hurt her twice and now I am back with my girlfriend. I guess I'm happy but i don't really know.. I still really like this other girl. My girfriend is aware of all of this and still takes me back.. but she forbids me talking to the other girl. I kind of still contact her behind her back... what should I do? Should I loose contact with the other girl, am I just not realy for a realationship? What do I do..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you should loose contact with the other girl., you should be thankful that your gf still accept you or still give you a chance so why not change!? you'll never know may be this will be your last chance... so show her that your sorry for what you've done for the past.

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    hey, as long as you are honest with them both, then you can't go wrong. The hardest part may be to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what you really want. Hope that helps.

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    well , im bi and my boyfriend dumped me and i really love him and i cant get over it i think you should stick with your girlfriend, you will miss her if you lose her, my boyfriend said he would never dump me even if i got off with someone else in front off him, i guess he didnt me in

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