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i'm 23 and still live with my parents?

is it embrassing? i mean i dont have to pay rent and it's giving me a opprunity to save alot of money. Is there anything wrong iwth it. Can i get a girlfriend still living with my parents at this age?

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    you probably wont. especially since some women find another woman in their man's life a threat or competition.

    and since you're saving, why not just move out?

    good luck in finding a girlfriend!

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    First, if you are living at your parents' house, you should be paying them rent.

    If you are still a college student, I don't have much of an issue with it, but you should definitely move out upon graduation.

    And yes, you can likely find some girl who has no goals for a successful future - you know, the kind of girl who's life ambition is nothing more than pleasing her man.

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    no u can't ...

    dats sad n im not even out of skool yet

    if u ask me u have major issues cuz u r usin ur parents stop being cheap and buy ur own house n maybe a lady or women would look ur way

    cuz if u ever do tell a lady lets meet ma parents//ok she seen dem n she thinkin she goin 2 ur place but she already there....she gon laugh n giggle wit her girls

    but wat im trynin say get ur own house wit ur own money u 2 grown 4 dat.

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    I would encourage you to live on your own. Sure you save money but you have your own space. You can't have everything. Go for the independance. I think you'll enjoy that. And the privacy.

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    lol, its not embarrasing n u can deffinately get a gf, u only have to move out if u n ur gf want to live together in which case it would be better if u guys just get a separte house, lol, but otherwise its cool if u live with ur parents, well, atleast i wouldnt mind if my bf still lived with his parents. it shouldnt really be an issue for ur gf cuz ur saving money n stuff, n ur gf should be able to understand that.

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    Well, if you want the truth, I probabaly wouldn't date you.

    I'm 25 and am living in my second house.

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