Why are Christians always being knocked?

I have just answered a question posed that we are without a sense of humour. The point I am trying to make, we are always being put on the defence by so called religionists, agnostics, atheists and spiritualists, ect.

Is it something we have that they want? Is there a void in their life that they need to fill? I believe everyone is searching for the truth but are blinded by the light.

Let's sit back and see all the senseless knocking and insults that this question is going to call for.

Hallelujah! and bless my Christian brothers and sisters.


I am sorry if it appears I am generalizing. It is only natural that one Christian will not knock another Christian, so obviously it has to be someone. Also, I am not a victim. All Christians are winners, not losers. If I come across as insulting - please forgive me, it is not my intention. I also have many questions I need answered.

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    Perhaps its because theyre doing 96% of the knocking.

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    Christians are also being knocked almost constantly because of the middle eastern war.... go back a few centuries and there was yet another war... started by the christians... on top of it what other religion do you know goes door to door pestering people about whether we are going to heaven or not.... and yes.... jehovah's and Mormons are considered a type of christianity. Also 99% of the christians i have met seem to think that they know it all cause they believe the bible knows everything.

    In a nut shell is because of the blind fanaticism that most portray that gets the religion knocked on.

    live in peace and blessed be

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    well, im not on any side by analyzing it shows me questions like these also restart and the questions everyone asks about christianity. many but not all christians or someone from any other major religion always critisize each other because there is always a good, bad, hot, and cold. this question is not a true question because i hear many christians "knocking" on Jews. Buddhists, Muslims and so on. this question is self centered and is not well thought out.

    there is no answer but balance. if this question wasnt asked, there wouldnt be religion. with no religion is no faith, and with no faith there is no trust, and with no trust there is war, and war causes anger, and anger causes revenge, and revenge causes war, and so on. we need BALANCE.

    think about ur the other answers to this question. it all says "We". they are not thinking of others

    "Christians not only believe in ancient, superstitious ignorance, but they try to spread it around!"

    superstition? what about the triple 6, or ghosts of angels? or ressurections?

    one person said people hate the western world. and most of the US is christian. one said non christians knock on christians because what they see in the media. they are hating themselves and what they put.

    believe in what u believe.

    "Mostly because people want you to stop putting faith in a mythical book and in an imaginary god. That's all"

    cant this question apply to christianity and other religions too?

    its the same for all. it is only the majority.

    dont you see athiests are also an opposition to other relegions and not just "WE"?

    it applies to all religions. without athiest the world cant balance. plz stop asking these or at least limit these questions. i believe in god by the way.

    "non-Christians stereotype us and base their knowledge of what Christianity is by what they see"

    same for buddhism. you see someone meditate you think they will levitate. steortyping is in all religions.

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    I'm not 'knocking' you but you need to realize that all the people you just listed have been putting up with a Christian majority that tries to persecute anyone who doesn't believe as they do for a VERY long time. Trying to adopt the victim role won't work with anyone who has read a history book OR knows anything at all about the laws of most western countries.

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    Christians are always being knocked because of politics.

    The church and state were never completely separated in the west, and both sides of the political spectrum still follow religious ideas, whether explicitly religiously expressed or not, when trying to gain power. Superficial arguments about whether someone believes or doesn't and why and how conceal a power struggle between liberals and social conservatives. For example, people who claim to be secular are in fact unknowingly following very old heretical arguments in their logic, although they wouldn't recognize this. Classical liberals appropriated a lot of the church's power in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when writing secular constitutions. In so doing, they created state laws to replace ecclesiastical law and took over areas like social welfare, education, and social and cultural policy.

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    you have nothing that we want what my problem is, is the hypocrycy of people who call themselves chistian, to be a christian means to be christ like when was the last time you gave shelter and warmth to a soul that needed it when was the last time you took food from your table and fed the hungry with it not giving money to a church or preacher but actualy doing what christ himself said we should do.is tithing strictly concidered the money donated to the church or is it what you give to those who in need .

    you see do i these things i feed the hungry from my own table i give warmth and shelter in my own home to those in need and i live my life according to the golden rule,but because i don't go to church and kneel or bow my head every sunday or wednesday or sat or when ever the particular church you happen to attend has their services according to what you believe i'm am going to burn in hell even though i practice the things that you preach.the thing that most christians should remember is this not one sin that i have commited will you have to answer for so please stop acting as if you are responsible for me you are not.if i do something that is against what you believe you have every right to judge me wrong but where you screw up is judging what is in my heart thats what the scripture means when it says judge not lest ye be judged no matter what i do. my soul is not yours to judge but some of you seem to think that it is your place to condem me its not ,that is up to God and God alone.

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    If you thought that question was aweful, then you should look at the one that says, Hey Christians why do you want to go to hell and then be kicked back down. It goes something to that extent. I agree with you, athiest are out after us, but God told us we would stand trial in the name of the Lord. Look for that question under my profile if you choose, email me and tell me what you think about that question, and what is really the correct response. teenhelp911@yahoo.com

    Love in Jesus Christ

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    We Christians are always being knocked because all (well, not ALL but a lot) non-Christians stereotype us and base their knowledge of what Christianity is by what they see being portrayed in the media, movies, or by the actions of people who claim to be Christian but who really serve themselves and not Christ.

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    I wonder the same question. I know one thing: They are hard-hearted because they don't have the Holy Spirit. Also they think Christians are claiming to be perfect, when in reality it's the opposite. Christians are claiming to be sinners who rely on God's mercy through Jesus Christ to be able to go to heaven. And when I speak of Christians I am not talking about those who claim to be Christians but don't have a clue what it means...I am talking about those who have a true faith in and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to reading other comments.

  • we are being knock because we are called to this purpose.

    1 Pet. Ch. 2

    20 For what glory is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye shall take it patiently? but if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently, this is acceptable with God.


    For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps:

    Before Jesus was crucified, he was also mocked, badly battered and despised...

    "And many other things blasphemously spake they against him." - Luke 22:65

    Jesus is persecuted, as well as his disciple and up to our generation they will do it until Jesus come back. Just be patient we'll endure it.

    God bless!

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    1 decade ago

    even now you speak with an air of patronization and condescention, as if you know something we don't. that, and the fact that religion is the main cause of war and violence in the world today. we just don't like the fact that religion is infringing upon our rights.

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