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Does anyone have a recipe on how to make hair-bleach with baking soda?

I want to bleach my hair, and I have heard of a recipe for making hair-bleach with baking soda, I would love to have this recipe!



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    Actually the best "hair bleach" is plain old Peroxide. If you do it carefully, you don't come out looking like a fake blonde at all.

    All you have to do is put it in a spray bottle and gently spray the roots of your hair, combing it out to the ends. Always do the roots first, then the ends. Let it dry on its OWN. Don't use a hair dryer. It won't lighten a bunch the first time. It takes 2 or 3 times to get it to the right shade. Condition your hair VERY well afterwards with a product such as Redken AllSoft Heavy Conditioner.

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    As others have stated Baking Soda will not bleach your hair. However, it does make an excellent base for making bleaching powder. Although, baking soda will not bleach your hair, it will open the cuticle so the bleach can do its job. Here's how to do it:

    Put about 1 C of Baking Soda in your blender, put the lid on tight, and process at highest speed for about 2 minutes. This will grind the soda into a super-fine powder. The super-fine powder makes a much better smoother paste.

    Mix together:

    1/4 C Baking Soda

    1 tsp Powdered Soap (if you don't have powdered soap, use liquid hand soap or dishwashing detergent)

    1 1/2 tsp 40 Volume (12%) Hydrogen Peroxide (you can buy this at Sally Beauty or any other beauty supply store)

    1 1/2 tsp Ammonia

    The soap or detergent reduces surface tension allowing the bleaching paste to better penetrate the hair. It also helps open the cuticle, allowing the peroxide to bleach your hair.

    This in NOT a very strong bleach -- it will take several minutes for it to bleach your hair. Nonetheless, you should check it about every five minutes to monitor the progress. When you have achieved the desired results (may take from 20 minutes to hour depending on how dark your hair is and how light you want it), rinse, shampoo, condition. Err on the side of not bleaching enough (you can always do it again in a couple of days) rather than over bleaching.

    I have a mustache and goatee that I like having white -- most of it is naturally white, but there are a few pesky areas that refuse to cooperate naturally. I use this bleach about once a week on my entire mustache and goatee.

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    You will need:

    A small mixing bowl.

    A brush to apply the mixture. (I used a spongey craft paintbrush.)

    Mix together:

    6 tbsp Baking Soda

    3 tbsp Hydrogen Peroxide

    1 tbsp Conditioner (I used Suave with Almond & Shea Butter.)

    Leave your hair wrapped until you’re ready to wash the mixture out. :)When you keep your hair foiled, it will retain some of the heat from blow drying, which is what makes the lightening process more efficient!

    In short:

    1. Coat strands.

    2. Wrap in foil/plastic/shower cap.

    3. Apply heat with blow dryer.

    4. Allow hair to process for 20 minutes to one hour (and no longer, per application).

    5. Unwrap hair and wash! You might not need to shampoo, but leave a conditioner (store-bought or diluted apple cider vinegar) in for a few minutes to replenish your hair.

    if you mix baking soda and peroxide and some conditioner ( you can deep condition after instead) then put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair basically this is the an example for the ratio: spray the tips 5 times, spray another place a little but up 3 times, then a little more up then spray 2 times, then spray once at the end ( so basically gradually getting less as you go up) this definitely works i did it today and i only left it on for 15 min and it turned very light brown and I was very excited that it worked so next time im going to leave it on for 1hr but no more because if you leave it on for more it can damage your hair.

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    Homemade Hair Bleach

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Homemade Hair Bleach Recipe Homemade hair bleach recipes are safe to use and easy to make. Here are some hair bleach recipes, which will help you to lighten your hair, according to your needs.... Lemon Hair Bleach Recipe - Lemon is loaded with natural skin/ hair bleaching properties. - Apply lemon juice evenly to your hair and sit in the sun for about half an hour. - You can also use this recipe to highlight only the specific areas of the hair. Rhubarb Juice for Bleaching Hair - A juice made by boiling rhubarb stem with water, contains natural hair bleaching effects. - To make this juice - Wash and dice the rhubarb stem. Put in a small saucepan and add 3 cups of boiling water to it. After 15 minutes, drain the water and pour it in to a small spray bottle. - Apply this juice to the hair and site in the sun for about 15 to 30 minutes. Chamomile Tea Hair Bleach Recipe - Place 2 tea bags of chamomile (or ¼ cup of chamomile flowers) in a container containing 2 cups of boiling water. - Remove from heat and let cool. - When the mixture cools, add in 1 cup of lemon juice. - Stir and pour into a spray bottle and apply to the hair. Let dry.

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    Ok, so i completely agree with what KillerChemest has said. The thing about it is that Hydrogen Peroxide can easily bleach on its own. for example; every morning i squirt a bit of it onto a Q-tip and pub it all over my teeth before brushing and they are now pearl white after only two times of doing so. If you want to make sure to bleach your hair without damaging it, than you may want to try applying just Hydrogen Peroxide all over, mixed with a non-scented lotion. You will want to brush it out rite after applying so that it spreads evenly. The longer you keep it in, the lighter it will get, but you do not want to keep it in for any longer than a half an hour. Do NOT go over a half an hour because it will make your hair fall out if you do. If you are not satisfied with the shade and want it lighter, than wait up to six hours+ before applying this technique again. You will want to use a deep conditioner after rinsing out your hair with cold water. The conditioner must not be a color sustaining conditioner, fore that will only stop the bleaching from working. The trick to making sure that your hair is soft with a beautiful shine, is to use an Olive Oil spray or lotion on your hair after it drys but do not DOUSE it in your hair or it will look darker and wet. You also do not want to blow-dry your hair fore that will burn it and take out all moisture. You want to use a towel until your hair is just slightly damp, than let it air-dry the rest of the way and you do not want to brush your hair while it is wet, only after you towel-dry it.

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    You don t really need baking soda all you need is peroxide and put it in your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes it really depends on your hair color but if you want it lighter just repeat the process

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    To the above poster:

    Yes, there is a reason they make the products they sell in stores. It's called capitalism. Stores sell them because people buy them, not because they're better for your hair than anything you can make at home. That's like saying that the reason there are so many fast food restaurants is that fast food is better for you than a home cooked meal. People pay big bucks for convenience, but that doesn't make convenient items superior.

    To the original poster: Baking soda is not going to bleach your hair. The active ingredient in hair bleach is hydrogen peroxide, which you can pick up at your local drug store.

    But I suppose since you asked for the recipe, not whether it would work, I will oblige. Type in "hair bleach baking soda," without the quotes, into the search engine of your choice. You will get results like this:

    To bleach hair without ammonia:

    Have a towel handy to dry your eyes.

    Wet your hair.

    Close your eyes.

    Use 1 cup baking soda dissolved in 1 cup of warm water to cover scalp.

    Massage scalp with fingers.

    Add mild shampoo to scalp and lather.

    Rinse thoroughly and repeat shampoo.

    Saturate scalp with hydrogen peroxide.

    Wait one to five minutes.

    Mix 1 cup grain alcohol and 1 cup water and saturate hair to neutralize peroxide.

    Saturate wet hair with mineral oil.

    Rinse hair with warm then cold water.

    Towel dry hair and style

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    There is no such thing...I am a chemist and it is chemically impossible for baking soda to bleach hair.

    In order for hair to even BEGIN changing colour the cuticle must open( the scales) in order for the cuticle to open it needs the ingredients in the tube of hair colour ( or BLEACH product) PLUS the hydrogen peroxide, that is the one and only way that hair can be colored.

    Doing anything with something as weird as baking soda will also destroy your hair...I don't mean to sound harsh...I am just terribly worried you will destroy your hair... you need to know what you are risking by even trying something that even remotely sounds like this....

    SUN IN is even HOrrendous for your hair....

    and that is just straight Hydrogen peroxide.... no color in the bottle.

    I drastically try to discouraged everyone from destroying your hiar...

    I was a color correction specialist for years......

    i spent a lot of time fixing all the mistakes , so am familiar with most bizarre techniques of coloring the hair...

    i have never heard of baking soda.....

    Be careful......

    If you really need and want to do it at home....I will be more than happy to tell you the two items you need to get the job done correctly...

    it matters what color hair you have to start with and what color you want to go to..!!

    NEVER -- EVER but BOXED hair color

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