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Is anybody addiced to books?

Their are so many I would like to read! Especially self-help books!

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    I love books. TV does a great job of making places come to life but they are shabby reproductions of what someones imagination came up with. There are so many great authors out there whos minds are amazingly detailed and so articulate in their speach. The best movies are mere mirages compaired to the oasis of imagery that can be found in a good novel. If I could be paid to read for the rest of my life it would be an ideal job. Books are a never ending source of joy for me. I wish everyone enjoyed them as much as I do.

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    Addicted to books? me?


    I've read so many books this past 5 months--about 15-25 books a month,.

    Right now, I'm reading 2 books at the same time and I still have to read about 10 other books before the end of July--since I'm going on vacation and most of the books I have are library books (can't bring those on vacation).

    But that doesn't include by busy factors so I will be spending every spare minute reading so I get these two 700 page books done before next weekend!



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    oh yeah, I am totally addicted. If I have the time, I can get through at least one book per day. I've read the first 3 HP books in like 2 days, and 4-6 within the first 24 hours of their release dates. You don't think that's dangerous, do you??

    There are so many books I'm trying to read now that I don't know where to start, so I'm reading like 3 at a time. Yes, yes that's so bad. But I can't help it! ahhhh i need help!

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    there's a self help book called how to stop being addicted to books. <g>

    but seriously, reading's a great thing, it excersises your brain, expands your vocabulary and knowledge and makes you think; and wanting to improve yourself is also a great thing.

    however, lots of self help books offer an instant solution that might seem to solve a problem in a moment, but actually just transfer it to a different place that can be solved through another self help book.

    as far as the self help books go, stick to one and practice it for a longish period ... something like 6 months to a year before jumping on another band wagon. meanwhile, there's a plethora of fiction around. see the type you like and go for it...

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    Have you ever wondered how there could be such a thing as a self help group? I love books as much as the next person. I have written four of them and I read generally a book a day, but self help books don' t float my boat. The only person self help books help are the people who write them. Pax - C

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    i am sooooooo addicted to books i sometimes finish huge ones in a couple of hours. if you like books a lot i suggest reading the twilight series if you havent was amazing ive read the books five million times!!!!! i love reading! books are my life1 well i do have a lot of friends but books are my at home and at school life!!!!

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    im crazy about books..

    i could read all the time.

    i try to read a book a week..

    theres alot of books i read over and over again.

    i have read all the books by certain authors too..

    theres not much better than reading!

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    Yes I'm so addicted to books. I have so many and just keep buying more and more.

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    I am SO addicted to reading full stop! I am ALWAYS reading something or another. Even when I eat I have to be reading something! Even if it's just the back of a cereal box! Books rule and I dunno how I would live without them!!! xxx

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    Ive been addicted to books for years.....My phliosophy is "just take one book at a time"

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