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StarCraft and Hamachi..HELP!!!?

i just reinstalled starcraft and i was planing on playing it with my friend. We both have the same version of hamachi and we are on the same network and his star thing is green so i know we are connected.

when we go to play over the udp lan feature, we cant see each others games or anything of the sort.

i read in a forum about install an older version of hamachi...tried that and didn't work

both of out firewalls or down

I've been looking all over forums but no ones else seen to have this problem

someone please help

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    hmmmm... i think that first you both should try this (For starcraft) :

    1. double click starcraft shortcut.

    2. Then click multiplayer icon in starcraft.

    3. Once in the multiplayer screen, click because i believe you need to update your version of starcraft. After that the game should be connecting, to online mode and it should update your current version, if it doesnt immediately update, and it just goes to the account information, create a new account then it will update.

    4. After you receive this update you will be connected online.

    5. Once your online in multiplayer try exiting out of mode and do LAN (if that is what you want to do) Local area network UDP.

    *****If this doesnt work then you need to make sure all the right plugs are hooked into your computer. and if all of that doesnt work then i dont know what else could be a problem. And you can play in if nothing else... good luck..

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