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Kings draft? anyone disagree with me?

What the hell were the kings thinking drafting Spencer Hawes aka Brad Miller jr. with the 10th pick. They left one hell of an athlete on the board in al thornton, their biggest problem is athletecism and they just missed out on a premier athlete. Does any one disagree with me?

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    The thing that irritates me about this whole thing is not the pick, its the fans. I was listening to the radio when then pick was announced, and everyone hated it. Everyone think Petrie doesn't know what he is doing.

    If I remember correctly, in 1996, EVERY single Kings fan wanted the Kings to draft John Thomas, because he was sooooo athletic. Who did they pick instead? Peja.

    As a die hard fan, did I like the pick, kinda. I would like to have Thornton instead, but we got a 7 footer who can do a lot. It's not that bad.

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    No, you made a good point that the Kings really do need athleticism. Let's face it, Ron Artest is just a problem and they need to get rid of him. Once they get rid of Artest who will fill the SF position. Drafting Thornton could fill a SF position and they could trade off Artest and maybe Brad for a more dominant center. But even if they keep Artest and Brad, Thornton shouldn't have been passed on and has tremendous upside and a great athlete.

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    Well they'll probably trade away Brad Miller, Mike Bibby and Ron Artest. So, their in pretty good shape.

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    Well.. they probably didnt expect Chicago to be retarded and draft Noah over hawes... so i mean Sac didnt know what the **** to do!

    Chicago's 1 goal this draft= a guy who can score in the paint. So they drafted Noah!!... HAHA... idiots

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    no this was actually a good pick he was the 2nd best center in the draft he was the best available and i think with work he can become really good for us, he plays just like vlade and the good part he is only 19

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