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What do you think of plastic surgery for facial features?

Say you absolutely hate a part of your face and want to change it b/c you feel ppl can't bear to look at you or are disgusted with you?

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    im sure plastic surgery would help you look better if you think u are that hideous, but if you arent happy with yourself as a person, you will never think you look good. something will always make you unsatisfied of yourself.

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    Well, first of all, I wouldn't care what other people think so much as how I felt about it myself. If you feel people are disgusted or can't bear to look at you, are you certain you are not blowing that out of proportion? If it were truly that bad, like a MAJOR birth defect or deformity, you would need to have it done as it would affect your entire life. I have a tiny bump on the bridge of my nose and I keep meaning to get it removed. Again, no one says they notice it but me- but I am the one that counts! ;) There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery in moderation, after major research and taking time to check out and select your surgeon. IMO, getting a tattoo is worse, or extreme body piercing. IMO, that is damaging your body. Plastic surgery is improving what mother nature didn't get quite right. ;)

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    There is this extreme makeover show on TV, where people have plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons because they hate the way they look.

    Some come out looking great, while others look so fake.

    Sometimes you wonder if it does effect the way they feel about themselves, if it boost their self confidence, if it does change the way people see them. It would be sad if people treat you differently because of the way you look.

    To be honest, there is no way i would put myself through the pain of plastic surgery. I wouldn't get it done for anyone else but myself.

    Beauty is only skin deep.

    What makes you feel that people cant bare to look at you. What is the part of your face that you hate?

    Are you young? Don't forget that the ugly duckling did turn into the beautiful swan when it got older.

  • If it really bothers you than I think it is absolutly fine to get it changed. However, consult with a counselor first to make sure you really just have a problem with a specific feature or two and not body dismorphia.

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    sure, why not.

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