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The Yankees & Orioles game has been suspended due to rain...?

Why wasn't it called an Official Game, and the Yankees declared the winner? Just yesterday the Mets game was called off after 6+ innings due to rain & the Mets were declared the winner!! ???

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    Yankees got to bat more....they batted 7.2 and the orioles only 7. That game pissed me off, they should of called it when Jeter was batting.....b4 the single, it was pourin down rain someone was gonna get hurt. Damn Yankees should of bin swept out of town. I went to the game monday night and got thrown out for arguing with some drunk asshole new yorker

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    It takes 5 innings to be an official game - after that a game can be called -

    after a full inning if the home team is losing

    after the top half of an inning if the home team is winning (no need for last ups).

    In the Yankee/Oriole game the Yankees could not be declared winners because they scored in that inning and the Orioles did not have a chance to tie or go ahead.

    Had no runs been scored I believe it would have reverted to the last full inning, with the O's being declared winners. However once the Yanks scored - the inning must continue.

    I was watching the game and I suspect the umps were hoping that Jeter would have made the last out, allowing them to clear the field at the end of a half inning - the game was already tied by then, so it would have had to continue no matter what.

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    because the orioles are the home team and they didnt get a chance to get up in the bottom of the inning

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