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My nine year old framed me, by going to school and telling teachers and CPS, I abused her..?

I have been out of prison for five years now. I regained custody of my nine year old almost immediately of my release. My daughter has been brainwashed about me during the time I was incarcerated. She lies, steal and throws away her younger sibling's food when I am not looking. She stares at me with hate and I rarely have a piece of mind dealing with her on a daily basis. I asked her to go upstairs to start her homework and to pick up toys off of the dining room floor. I grabbed her arm a bit forcefully..(no striking though) and the next thing I knew she went onto my dining room table which already had a major crack on it. The impact cause the table to crash inward. I IMMEDIATELY grabbed both her arms and looked for scarring or bruising, while asking her if she was ok..(3 times to be exact)..She kept responding that she was ok and I thought all was ok. I got her out to school the next day and all again seemed ok. She went and told CPS I kicked her on the table! What do I do now!????

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    You both need counseling and she needs to talk to someone about her feelings for you and how she feels now that you are in her life. If she has been brainwashed you have to tell her the truth and be honest with her. What ever someone told her put a lot of hatred in her for you and you have convince her that what ever they told her were lies and that you love her and her sister and you would not hurt them and you are there for them. You need to give her time, but not to let her have her own way to where she can do what she wants to who she wants. If you ask for counseling I'm sure they would be willing to help.

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    You need to go to family counseling with your daughter and quick. Your daughter really need alot of help from you and others.

    Did you ever think your daughter just want more attention from you that why she is lying and doing all these things. Some kids like to act up and rebel their parent just to get their parent attention and love.

    As for the case of the school you will need to talk to the CPS and tell them the whole story I don't know if they will believe you or not but that all you can do for now.

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    I would put her in foster care for atleast a couple of months or tell a therapist or cop about her. I am serious as well. my mother is a foster parent and we get many reports about children who frame their parents. If they are taken to foster care you can get custody of her when you want if you tell the cops or social ppls what she is doing. This will not take her away forever. Just try it unless you want to get custody taken away from you. Good luck and god Bless you.

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    she sounds like a major brat. if i were you id be happy for them to take her away. what of the father?

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