How much does mederma cost and where can I get it?


Also how long does it take for results to start appearing?

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    I've seen it from $15- $17 depending upon size of tube. You can get it at any drug store and even Wal Mart, Target, etc. Wal Mart has the best pricing. They are currently doing a huge promo w/ dermatologists across the country. My derm had baskets of samples in the lobby when I went last. It came w/ a $2 off coupon. So, if you have a derm, just stop in and ask if they have any free samples if you want to try before you buy. I have mole/ melanoma checks twice a year. If anything looks remotely odd, she takes it off. It works only if you use it everyday, twice a day and for many weeks. Even longer for old scars.

  • Target and wallmart and a tube is about $13 but Target at least has it's own off brand which is cheaper and works just as good. Wallmart might have it's own brand too.

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    For adults, about $25 for a 1.76 oz. tube, regular price.

    Available OTC at most drugstores and discount stores like Target, etc. Probably also grocery stores.

  • like $20 bucks...wallgreens, cvs

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