What do people want in a Blog?

What are proven ways to increase traffic for your blog? Pictures? Frequency? Really personal stuff?

Help, please.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When you blog, it is also recommended that you also do web marketing. Here are the ways:

    Try a few of these marketing ideas:

    1. Start submitting to search engines and directories (when you've done this basic step, you would be surprised that the effect is sooner than you expected)

    2. Start joining forums (related to your business) where you could freely discuss about your stuff. However, do not promote directly, be able to give forum members something that they need. Speak of benefits.

    3. Try to exchange links with complement sites.

    4. Try reading more web marketing stuff and freely ask experts in forums for you to get plenty of ideas and avoid marketing pitfalls.

    Good luck!



  • 1 decade ago

    I have been blogging for five years. In my experience:

    -The more niche the topic(s) you are writing about, the better your chances of securing an audience.

    -People don't care (outside your circle of relatives and friends, perhaps) too much about personal tales. Unless you have unique/funny tales to share, normally blogs that turn into personal journals loose relevance to people that don't know the writer.

    There's an excellent book that should be of good use, called "No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog". The link is below.

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    To add on to the list, you may want to join some social networking site so that you can put your blog link on it.

    Some of the social networking site can friendster, myspace, del.icio.us. To know more, visit my blog at http://achieve-your-success.blogspot.com.

    Do not restrict your content to just wordings. Incoporate images, audios and videos which are related to your content.

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