Ok, so I know that OUR universe is so vast and there are parts unexplored because of our limited technology, that we can't see beyond our own. Don't you think it's possible that there is a multiverse? Maybe there IS life out besides us.. i believe so.. well, answer and provide a reason to back up your opinion please and PLEASE don't be rude or biased and no chrisitan preachings.. please, i've had enough for one day.. God this blah blah blah from the bible.. he's good 'n' all, but jeez!

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    Hischoolar7 you are quite demanding.

    You expect that nobody is biased and rude against your idea, but in the same sentence you show that you are biased against Christianity and use rude language and blasphemy against God.

    Think about that in an unbiased way before you ask your next question.

    Are you here to learn or to vent your bad feelings against some citizens who do not share your point of view?

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    There is no evidence of any universe but the one we are in. If guessing , well, who knows. My suspicion is that there have been many intelligent species that have evolved in our universe that merged with their computers and now exist as a vast group intelligence all around us. It's scientific abilities could include creating new universes which it then moves into when the current universe wears out. In fact, we may live in a universe that was created just that way. There may be a chain of universes going back to infinity. Since we too will be merging with our own advanced computers in the next 30 to 50 years we may well meet these intelligences.

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    That is the beauty behind physics and astronomy, it allows for some pretty wild synthesis, but yes I do feel that there is far more to our reality than just our current universe. Super-string theory and M-theory almost demands it. If you consider the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and quantum entanglement; both suggest multe-dimensions and perhaps even other universes. From my own observations of patterns of forces and energy in our universe, it seems that all nature has done is simply scale-up effects from the time of the singularity, and from quantum effects, minuscule undulations. It is my opinion that everything in nature and our universe are linked to the energies of the singularly at the time of the big-bang. Yes, intelligent forms of energy may exist in other dimensions and perhaps universes.

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    Yes the recent theories predict the existence of parallel universe. Go to Google video and search for "parallel Universe" and "the elegant universe". you will get lot of really good info about parallel universe...

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    No doubt there are other universes, it this is what multiverse means in the context of your question.

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