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windows computer?

how do i tell if my computer is a windows 98 windows xp etc....

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    Right click on my computer & check the General tab for getting os version

  • John S
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    During bootup Windows has a display screen that should tell you what version of windows you are running, though all forms of XP just say XP not XP Home, Media Center, or Professional. If the system is already running and you don't want to reboot, you can right click the My Computer Icon or link and click properties, the general tab that will come up first will display what type of operating system you are using along with what processor speed and total memory.

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    1. You can find it when you boot the system.

    2. You can click the "start" icon in your desktop.

    3. Go to Control Panel ---> System

  • Anonymous
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    right click my computer and select properties

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