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What an polite way to tell your parents...?

It's honestly not one of those things I've planned on telling them, but ever since Her husband moved in with us...Well...I'm having trouble falling to sleep...I live with my Grandparents as the topic is a tad bit misleading...

I honestly don't understand how they can keep at it for atleast an hour straight every night! I can't think of a way to ask them if they could tone the noise down just a little bit so I could sleep... Without embarrassing them, or trying to tell them they cannot do it...Any ideas?

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    Be straight. Talk to grandma ONLY about this, not grandpa--it's a generation thing. ;)

    Help her with dishes or laundry or something that the 2 of you can do alone. Then just tell her that you're hearing them at night and it's preventing you from sleeping.

  • ask them what the noise was, try to get it out of them. if they give you an answer, juss be like, do you think im stupid? could you guys calm down a lil bit?

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    when you hear them going at it just bang on the wall a few times. its the best way to get the message to them without haveing to talk to them.

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    mom, could you keep your uh uh's and ya ya's down, im trying to sleep

    honestly the best way is to just come out and say

    i can hear you at night and it keeps me up, pleeeease quite down

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    well I think you have to talk when they are alone and you will feel much better your heart won't heart anymore just believe me.

    Source(s): happened to me to and when i told them i didn't have anything to worry about and it wsn't that problem it was about music every night
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