Any one got a great prank?

So for a short youth pastor knows how I have the hotts for men in uniform (firemen, soldiers, ect.) and we had Vaction Bible School this week and it is a Rescue Zone theme and we had some firemen come out and one was REALLY cute. Sadly I open my mouth and said something about this guy being cute and I got a picture with him and the other guys and my youth pastor prints it for me and said this guy came by the church to pick something up so he signed his name and gave me his number. I knew something was fishy about that story b/c my youth pastor is way too protective over us girls and so being a mean youth pastor he is...he gave me his home number (jerk face, but I love him for it). The only I found that out was b/c I have his number in my cell and I looked it up. And so now the war is on and I REALLY NEED to get back at him...does anyone have a great prank or an idea so I can get back at him? Please keep it clean!!! Thanks for the help!!!


Hey he started and I am gonna finish it!!! Besides he knew what to expect when he took over my youth group. HE-HE-HE Besides he will be a great sport about it. Besides that it will teach him and everyone else not to mess with me and giving me retarded numbres. LOL I also need something that is really good to where everyone sees it and will remember it. I love him to death so one little prank before camp isn't gonna hurt him. Besides its like a little goodbye present to from me to him....b/c I only have few week left with him and the youth group.

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    Hi there, Megs and what's all this about you wanting to get your revenge on your poor pastor!! Our Chaplain in the army was a stickler for people paying attention because he was a wee bit paranoid about soldiers not taking a blind bit of notice. Remember, Church Parade is compulsory in the army because it is classed as a parade and some squaddies felt as though it was forced medicine. One Sunday morning, we attended as usual and it was no problem to me because I do believe in God and His wisdom and that's why I know we will eventually win the war in Iraq. However, one guy was chewing gum and the chaplain went ape-**** and had him recite the ten commandments ten times over. Imagine if you got all your friends together and persuaded them to be chewing gum when your pastor begins the lessons. He,too, will react immediately and it is inoffensive and you can have a laugh at his expense without breaking any religious laws. I'll see ya later,Megs, and have fun chasing all the hunks around!!!

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    right it is one I did that's humorous and comparatively innocuous. I exchange postcards with human beings around the international for the period of the internet. I as quickly as had human beings everywhere in the U.S. Canada and England deliver one in all my buddies, postcards from this fictional kinfolk that replaced into vacationing and wrote that they could then come to pass to her. She had no thought who this kinfolk replaced into and did no longer understand what she could do whilst they confirmed up. The kinfolk's names have been Richard and Linda Harrison who had 3 little ones named megastar, Paul and John (all names from the Beatles). The postcards had finished memories approximately how their trip replaced into going and the places they visited and how lots they have been looking forward to seeing my pal and her kinfolk. I set it up so my co-conspirators could deliver enjoying cards from their region on particular dates so she would not get a card from say London and Washington on an identical time. or you're able to desire to sell an open Fantasia social gathering interior the paper at his abode and supply his style for individuals to call and rsvp.

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    1. Get a bad of shredded paper.

    2. Go to his car.

    3.Put the paper into the air conditioning vents.

    4.Then watch him turn on his air conditioning and wathc all those tiny bits of paper fly all around his car.

    1. Get white paint and a brush. (washable)( you don't want to get into too much trouble)

    2. Go to his bathroom or the bathroom he uses.

    3. Paint the seat.

    4. Deny that you painted the toilet seat when he asks.

    1. Get lotion.

    2. Rub some on his car handles, on his door nob on his door, and on his seat.

    3. Laugh as he tries to wipe the lotion off his hands and @$$

    Just some of many pranks I have

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    get a shampooo bottle he uses take all the soap out and then pour glue in to the bottle and his hair will stick together

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