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What is the saddest...?

What is the saddest movie you have ever seen?

Mine is Million Dollar Baby.

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    That was a sad movie because it is based on true story. The other movie that is based on a true story that made me cry was "Pursuit Of Happyness". It had a good ending unlike "Million Dollar Baby" I recommend seeing " Boys Don't Cry" also starring Hillary Swank where she plays a woman that should have been born a man. It is also based on a true story and the ending is devestating.

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    Cary Grant and Irene Dunne in "Penny Serenade", He and his wife cannot have children, they have their hearts set on adopting a boy, but a little baby girl becomes available at an orphanage. Cary is so tender and sweet with her. They are in danger of loosing her at one point, due to Cary not making enough money at his press. Cary tearfully begs the judge to let them keep her, and he is given another chance. I believe the little girl is Trina. Trina is an angel in her school play. Soon after, Trina dies of some undisclosed illness. This pulls Cary and his wife apart. They are almost ready to give up hope and separate, when the woman from the orphanage contacts them and says that a little baby boy just came in and he matches exactly what they had asked for in the beginning before they adopted Trina.

    Cary Grant is so moving in this movie, I cried like a baby. So many people do not give old movies a chance-- they do not know what they are missing!

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    Little Big Man

    Midnight Cowboy

    8 Men Out

    My Immortal Beloved

    One with Cary Grant where a couple loses their baby.

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    The last time I actually cried in the theater was when mom Sally Field desperately tried to bring Julia Roberts in a coma back - "Steel Magnolias."

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    I have to vote for Terms of Endearment.

    But, I have other faves...

    Edward Scissorhands (I cried thru the whole bloody movie the 1st time I saw it)

    Brokeback Mountain

    Saving Private Ryan

    The Deer Hunter (an early post-Vietnam film--Christopher walken is brilliant in it)

    And my number one ...

    Old Yeller!

  • I don't usually cry during movies, but Lady Jane gets me every time. The final scene where Helena Bonham Carter is kneeling, grasping for the chopping block is so well performed, I just end up blubbering.

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    Bridge to Tarabithia I was so close to all out sobbing at the end of that one! The sadness was TOXIC it affected me for two whole weeks!! The girl in it reminded me of my childhood friend and three of my great loves in my life it felt like I found out that all four of them died and I cried like a baby. 8-{

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    Oh man, it's an old movie that never made it too big, but 'The War' with Elijah Wood made me cry at least 5 times.

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    Crash- I thought that the store clerk actually shot the girl!

    Last Samurai- That last scene where they charge into a wall of bullets

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    The Thorn Birds. I cried like a baby.

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