do u think he likes me?

ok well i work w this guy n i like him alot but i dont wanna do nething until i no how he feels ok so we are always around each other at wok cause i ok in a bakery n hes stock boy n im always around him when i have nothing to do. hes deff not afraid to be him self around me n i am the same way hes always making fun of me but in a cute way cause hes like u no im kidding . well i dont no what it is does he like me or does he just wanna be friends or what ?? plese let me no what u think i should do


well i dont no if he likes me but he does cute things for me n he diferent when we just alone so do u thnk he likes me or is it just flirtng ?

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    1 decade ago
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    NEVER date where you work!!!! And I say he does like you, guys love to tease and bother you when they like you, but if you like him as more than a friend, I suggest you let him come after you and not vice versa. But still, never date where you work!

  • 1 decade ago

    I dunno, that depends. Some guys are forward, etc...while other guys like being friends and developing what they feel for a girl, seeing if there's any chemistry, and moving slowly. I'm not telling you to hope, but if you are interested wait it out and see how things develop. Don't get too emotionally invested just yet, till you find out what he feels.

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    If you are the only one he does this with,, flirt,,,,then you are special. If he does that with other girls, then he is just flirting and that is his way of getting attention with the girls. Otherwise,, ask him how he feels about you. Be preapred to tell him how you feel about him because he will ask you when you ask him.

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    he is just flirting, with you, if he hasnt made a move yet to actually know you somehow and invite you to hang out then its nothing, just pure flirting. every guy can do what he does nothing special about it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    why don't you just ask him????

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