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Name of Movie?

ok i remember wachthing this movie about 10 years ago, its about some terrorists that take over this college and kill some teachers and students, then one of the students manages to get out of the college and inform the cops of what is going on. then we returns, but not in time for the "count" the terrorist notice one of the students is missing so they punish the rest, he comes out and tell the terrorist that he was taking a shower.?????

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    Toy Soldiers. I remembered watching it too. It was a cute and funny.

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    Toy Soldiers, with Sean Astin.

    Billy Tepper is the leader of a group of rebellious guys at The Regis School. He has already been expelled from three prominent private schools. His best friend, Joey Trotta, is the son of the Head of the New York Mafia; Billy, all their friends and many other kids at the school have equally influential and prominent, if more law-abiding, parents. When Luis Cali's father is put in jail, he heads for the Regis school to put theson of the judge in charge of the case under hostage, only to find he has been removed. However, once he realises who the parents of the rest are, he decides the entire student body of the Regis school would be an even better bargaining chip. Written by Liz Jordan {c9310494@alinga.newcastle.edu.au}

    In Colombia, terrorist Luis Cali has taken over the Palace of Justice. Luis throws a woman off a balcony to her death and dumps a judge from a helicopter in order to make his point. Luis is angry because the US government has kidnapped his drug kingpin father Enrique Cali and transported Enrique to the USA to stand trial. The Regis School, in Virginia, is a boarding school where the wealthy dump their delinquent teenagers when they've been kicked out of everywhere else. These troubled heirs are presided over by their superiors -- Dean Parker and the headmaster. Phil Donoghue, one of the students, is the son of the federal judge who is presiding over Enrique's trial. A pair of deputy United States Marshals take Phil out of the school so Phil and his family can be placed somewhere safe while judge Donoghue presides over the trial. When Luis later takes the school hostage, looking for Phil and demanding Enrique's release, problem student Billy Tepper and his friends Joey Trotta, Hank Giles, Ricardo Montoya, Jonathan "Snuffy" Bradberry, and Derek decide to fight back against Luis. Snuffy's father Steven is the chairman of the First Empire Bank of New York, and vice chairman of the republican party. Hank's father is representative Henry Giles Jr, chairman of the Armed Services Committee. Joey's father is New York mob boss Albert Trotta. Ricardo's father is a senior partner at an elite law firm, and is a former president of the California Bar Association, and Billy's father is the owner of the third largest construction company in the world. Luis has had his men place explosives all over the school, and Luis has vowed that he'll blow the place up if Enrique is not released.

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    Its Toy Soldiers.

    Kaija, You are thinking of TAPS.

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    toy soldiers with sean aston.. cool flick

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    uhh i dont know that one, but the shower part is funny

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