Is there a way where yahoo can send our forgotten password to our alternate email address?

I remember getting an email from my jcxice account stating that my account has been tampered. I did not mind it, so I just let it pass me by. Days gone by, and soon, I could not login to my account. Now I am currently using my alternate email account (neoplosion13) for daily use, while it was mainly supposed to be used for school and work. My jcxice account was supposed to be for daily use. It keeps me organized, because I do not want to have a whole bunch of folders in one column. I rather seperate them from either daily or school/work. Is there a way where my password for jcxice to be sent or resetted using my neoplosion13 account? I have important files in my jcxice account that I need to get in to. Thanks

2 Answers

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