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Bogut, Villanueva, or Yi Jianlian; which Milwaukee Buck do you think will end up being best NBA player?

I think Yi is maybe better than those already.

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    Yi will be the best. he is a 7 footer that can slash and play alot like KG. He will be a very good 4.

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    Since I don't think Villanueva or Bogut have done that well I'd say Yi has a great chance of becoming the best of the three.

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    Yi is a forward, not a center. Don't confuse him with Yao.

    And it's quite possible that Yi refuses to play for the Bucks and convinces the CBA not to release his contract to the NBA. Of course, it'd be a weak move on his part but... whatever.

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    Why did the Bucks draft a center when they already have Andrew Bogut

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    I agree, Bucks will be Better I don't Know about the Playoffs.

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