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Weight Watchers Question Old vs new?

Hi, someone gave me a points counter and some info from weight watchers today. It is an older one, probably a few years. Does anyone know if the "points system" has changed or is it just redesigned? Thanks!

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    I attend Weight Watchers and have successfully lost 90lbs. and it only took me one year to do it . And no the points system hasn't changed it is still the same . GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS !!!!!!

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    Dont buy that guys stupid product.. look weight watchers isnt even a good diet. It just keeps you from getting calories. Sure your gonna get skinny. No food= you burn muscle. Muscle weighs alot. But if your not working out, you will not burn any fat, only muscle when you starve your body.

    Since muscle burns fat. Once you start eating again. You will not have any muscle left to burn your calories coming in. Then you will end up gaining weight faster than before.

    Look im sorry, but you need to start excersicing, and learn how to eat a proper diet consisting of 6 healthy meals a day.



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    to be honest the best way is not to go on a diet as ive tried them all and diet pills and they dont work lol but just change your diet and go swimming 4-5 times a week for about an hour each time it tones your tummy and all your body up wonderful too ! i lost 2 1/2 stone since may its great and i eat loads too im just eating the right foods but instead of swimming try aqua arobics its great and really fun ! great question goodluck !

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