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How Much Money would this probably be?

I want to put a Navigation System in my 2004 Grand Prix

something like this


And who could i call to do this?


I Bought this on Ebay not Bestbuy


Well how much do u think it would cost to get it installed

Update 2:

Well what is Best buy sell's the Exact same thing?

u think they would still install it?

how much u think they would make me pay?

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  • PMack
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    The problem you'll have is finding a shop that will install something that they didn't sell. Ask your mechanic - he/she might know someone who works at an installer shop that does jobs on the side - that's your best bet.

  • John D
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    1 decade ago

    Usually a Stereo shop that sells and installs the navagational system have their prices for the products that they sell. I would ventures to say about most if not all Car Audio shops will not install a used item from their store and if they did it would be more expensive and without a warranty. Which might also mean you have to sign a waiver stating that the equipment was bouht second hand and the stereo shop is not responsible for malfuntions after installation. If you know someone that works for a shop that might do it on the side go that route if you trust their work. If not I would try the PONTIAC dealership and see if they might be able to help. I can't qoute you a price because every store varies.

    Source(s): 10 years exp. in CAR AUDIO and a friend at METRA Electronics.
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