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What is the weird feeling in my stomach??

What is this weird feeling in my stomach??

I am 18 years of age and female..

I wake up in the morning and it feels like i have a worm in my stomach,i dont know what it is but its beginning to annoy me..

Its there all the time..

I place my hand on my stomach and i can feel it stronger..

Theres no pain..

Please some one tell me that its not a worm!

I am 2 weeks off my period..


Also i dont smoke or drink..

I have an ovarian cyst and theres no pain so i dont think its that..

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  • teashy
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    Maybe you should get a pregnancy test. To me, that's what it felt like both times I was pregnant.

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    Well, honey...if you are just two weeks pregnant you would not be feeling a baby moving yet if that's your worry (although you very well could be pregnant). The worm is guess is anxiety has your stomach in knots. Are you hungry..maybe you just need to eat. If the worm will have to seek medical advice, meanwhile have you seen the video, "How to Eat Fried Worms"?

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    its not a worm, eat breakfast in the am.. and vitamins daily.. drinking a lot?then lay off drinking.. a smoker? then cut down.. watch ur diet.. if nothing changes.. go to the docs

  • Anonymous
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    eat breakfast every morning first off. then make an appt to get it checked out

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  • Anonymous
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    ITS A BABY!!!!welcome to motherhood!

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    it'ss called a baby

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