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who think chris mullen should be fired?

sign foyle long term and now this dumb trade(richardson for wright)....U GOTTA GO!!!!!

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    Are you kidding me? This may go down as one of the worst trades in a long time for the Bobcats. You're talking about a young franchise player for an aging SG coming off knee surgery with a huge contract. And Nellie does not like J Rich in his offense and has not figured out if he can fit (he said this publicly). 6'10, athletic, shooter with range, rebounder and from UNC, there's no question Mullin knows what he's doing and is doing it real well.

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    I actually think that was a good trade. As far as Adonle Foyle, he had a long term contract because that was when the NBA needed a big center. Who knew that the NBA will be where it is at. Obviously, the game has become a faster quicker pace. I think Brandan Wright gives the Golden State the insisde presence. He can shoot a good mid range, and also a very good blocker.

    Yes Jason Richardson is a good player but it is the right move for the Golden State. The fact is that they are loaded on the Gaurd spot. They drafted a very good Italian shooter.

    Golden State just got deeper. Just have Baron Davis stay healthy and Warriors will go deep in the playoffs.

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    Chris Mullin should stay! It's the Bobcats who got the raw end of the deal. The upside for the Warriors outweigh the downside. Draft day analysts even say that the Bobcats are stupid for doing this trade. Wright will be alright for the Warriors. He loves to run up and down the court. can score on the low block w/ a nifty jump hook. Soft hands for a big guy. Versatility is what he brings on the table. J-Rich may be the better scorer but all around, Wright has the edge.

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    richardson is old and hasnt been effective other than the last two months of last season. out with the old in with the new. its a smart decision and look at all the good players theyve brought onto the team besides foyle. being a gm isnt an easy job i highly doubt you could do any better from your couch watching espn. wright was the 8th pick in the draft and richardson is old man with bad knees and Jordan made the bad move.

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    Dumb trade?! It's an awesome trade! They got Belinelli, who shoots threes well and seems like a solid shooting guard. Then they unloaded the bad J-Rich contract and got the perfect guy for them, Brandan Wright, who is 6'10", with a 7'5" wingspan, can run the floor, and provide a bit of inside scoring. Then they got their shot blocker in Stephane Lasme, who looks good to me. Their lineup:

    PG- Baron Davis

    SG- Marco Belinelli

    SF- Steven Jackson (good defender and three point shooter)

    PF- Brandan Wright

    C- Andris Biedrins

    Key Bench Players:

    Monta Ellis- He could start for a lot of teams.

    Al Harrington- Plays both forward positions and a bit of center, and fits well into their game.

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    It must have been a salary dump so they will be able to sign Monta Ellis and Biedrins long term. They most likely figured they could get the same production from Stephen Jackson as they do J-Rich so they might as well dump his salary and get the best young available player that they could, Brandon Wright. Plus I think there rosters is too guard heavy and they just need some size and athleticism down low, lets hope it works out.

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    it was a good trade for them... they had too many players at the SG/SF spot. with stephen jackson and monta ellis, they were overloaded at that position. plus it relieves them of some salary cap space since richardson was overpaid.

    wright will be good for them. it gives them another big body so they can bury foyle on the bench.

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    I don't what do you got against Golden State Anyway, Because they beat you're Dallas Mavericks, Stop Picking Fights on these Guys.

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    Wright will be a great player he is only 18

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    Lol that was pretty funny when i heard it. its not his fault others could have done that or pursuaded them.

    that was a horrible deal. its like trading ladanian tomlinson for a kicker. Lol

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