Is job hopping just hurting my resume?

I have a habit of staying at whichever job I'm currently employed at for only four months. After then, I feel it's time for a change and find a new job. I've never had any trouble with finding a new job, or leaving my previous one. Usually, by four months, I know enough about the job to know 1) if I'm going to be going anywhere there 2) that I can always come back to it as a fall-back, since I've already learned "the ropes" and 3) that it just isn't suitable for me.

My primary career path is that of an EMT-Paramedic, but is it frowned upon to have a multitude of short-time jobs? I actually do provide quality service in every job I've performed, so it's not a quantity/quality matter.

Any thoughts?

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    I understand where U R coming from but some employers look at it as indecisive. Indecisive means can they trust your judgment and can the be sure U will be there to cover your shift or will U see another job U like better and leave them in the lurch. In some jobs it cost a a good su of money to train as well as time and they may not be happy when they get U where they want you and U leave. I my self loved going to Temp Service and get jobs, because they could last from one day to a couple of weeks and they would hook U up with another when U finished one. It was a variety of work and that made it fun. Never got bored because each job was absolutely different then the last.

    Source(s): My own experience.
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    Yes, it definitely will hurt your chances at getting jobs. No employer wants to see a long list of jobs when they are recruiting someone new, even if the reasons are all legitimate, like leaving for better pay. I am not going to take the time to hire someone that may only stick around for 3 or 4 months. It really does not matter if you are really good at your job, the job jumping is a resume killer.

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    Have you thought asbout just doing consulting projects in your field rzather than full time positions?

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