Christians... do you know or do you believe that Jesus Christ, the bridegroom has been delayed?

(this is regarding on He's promised second coming.)

Have you red the parable of 10 virgins in Matt. 25?

..."the bridegroom has been delayed"...

I believe Jesus is delayed... How about you? What do you think is the reason?

Many athiests mock Christians because of this, but the bible clearly said that "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." - Matt 24:13

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    No, that verse is not about Jesus being late, but a warning to us; thinking He might be late and falling asleep/not walking in Him, when He comes.

    NOT to get complacent - Luke-warm!

    The Bibles says;

    Mark 13

    18 Pray that this will not take place in winter,

    19 because those will be days of distress unequaled from the beginning, when God created the world, until now–and never to be equaled again.

    20 If the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, whom he has chosen, HE HAS SHORTENED THEM.

    God is Never Late and He is Never Early.

    Glory to God in the Highest! Amen!

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    No one knows the day or the hour, not even the Son only the Father

    As Christians we need to stop looking for the second coming every second and start living like the second coming is coming any second.

    We spend more time trying to understand the ends times then we do trying to live our lives the way Jesus said we should.

    I try never to think about the end of time. It could be today or tomorrow or a million years from now. It is not my business nor my concern. My business is my salvation and my ability to help (Note help: Not Force) others to come to Christ. If I am concerned about those two things then if I am here when Jesus comes I will be fine. For I will have done His will

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    Dear smellslike,

    Jesus has not been delayed. But Jesus the Bridegroom is preparing a place and is waiting for the Father to tell him the time and the day (Only the Father knows the hour and the day) though we can definitely see the times and seasons of his return.

    God's timing is always perfect. God doesn't explain to us - but knowing that our purpose on earth is to be a light and to bring people to salvation in His name- i'd say that there are still some more people that need to get saved.

    Hope that helps. Kindly,


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    I have read this parable, but you either have a different translation than the KJV or you need to read it again. It does not say that the bridegroom has been delayed. It says "While the bridegroom tarried" Matthew 25:5a. People it pays to read the word when answering these questions, lest you be deceived.

    Rest assured that even though this world is in a bad way. It still is not as bad as what satan would have it to be. Before He comes back there will be tribulations such as never have nor will ever be seen before, Matthew 24:21.

    Surely He will come quickly Rev. 2:5,2:16,3:11,22:7,12,20.

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    Jesus, the bridegroom, will come when he comes. We are to live our lives like he will come in the next moment. Too many people are tied up in speculating when Jesus will return.

    Prophecy has never been fully understood until after it was fulfilled.

    Also some get so involved in the Book of Revelation that they seem to set aside Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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    Hi Enspirit... just wanted to say ,, that we are in the times of JESUS , second coming thu he says that we are not to know the time ,only The FATHER knows . Jesus gave us the signs thu and yes we are very near Enspirit.... and yes us Christians will endure.

    Enspirit , Jesus is not delayed at all , He wants all the Christians his followers to tell everyone about Him that is what we as folowers do if they dont believe its cause they are non-believers..... and they will perish.... this not my words this are GOD THE FATHER WORDS.... read John 3:16....

    take care yoli

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    Jesus won't be delayed when it's time to come get His people.

    2 Peter

    Matt 24-25

    Rev 18-22

    Job 19

    1&2 Thes

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    Given the state of affairs of the Church to-day it is entirely possible that the second coming of Jesus Christ has been delayed.

    But then that would just be further evidence of the Grace and Mercy of God.

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    I am reading a book by Rev. Richard M. Bradley (a First Church of God evangelist) and in Scenes from the Throne he says that their is no postponing of Christ return in that at Calvary we entered the Kingdom of God. If you can go to the website for the Church of God Reformation Movement you can see how well they can explain things than I can.

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    When the Father says It Is Time, you see the Son of Man coming in a Cloud of Glory!

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