af after miscarriage....?

i miscarried April 17th of this yr and had my first af May lasted 4 days. My usual cycle is 28 days...does it take a while to get in the "rhythm" of of right now im 3 days late according to my usual cycle length. i knew that my first af would be wacky but i didnt know about the ones following it...anyone have any experience?

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    I had a miscarriage Dec 2006, had a D&C and had a normal period after the initial 2 weeks of bleeding after the D&C. I had 2 more normal periods after that, and then didn't get one, so I took a pregnancy test and found out I was indeed pregnant again.

    Although your cycle may be adjusting still, remember, you are most fertile after a miscarriage. Is there a possibility you could be pregnant again?

    My sympathy and prayers are with you after you loss. Good luck!

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    Okay so I had a miscarriage (8 weeks) in Jan. and a period in Feb. Got preg. in March I'm 18 weeks w/ a baby boy. My doc. told me if you ovulate and have a period then physically your able to get preg. so everyone who says it's too soon is mistaken and would not know if they have not experienced this. My cycle did not return back to normal I did not ovulate until day 18 of my 28 days cycle but I my cycle was the same amount of days I tested the day I would have had a period and it was positive. I would say just to save yourself further upset go ahead and test if it's neg. expect to see your period and if it has not come within 3 more days then retest after that see your doc. if AF does not come. Good luck sorry for your loss and I'm sure you'll be preg. again soon if not already.

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    You have my sympathy on your loss. Give your body time to rest before trying to conceive again, the healthier your body is the better chance there is of carrying a child to term. Good luck in the future, and remember to visit your gynecologist for a complete work up to give any future pregnancy the best chance.

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    your body changes after every pregnancy your hormones shift so you are starting over in how you period come!

    I am sorry about your loss

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    Your period can change up, especially after trauma.

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