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Which Supreme Court decision had the most positive effect on the US?

Dred Scott v Sandford was probably the most harmful decision, but what decision was the most beneficial for the people of the US?

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    Marbury v. Madison

    Brown v. Board of Education

    Miranda v. Arizona

    Roe v. Wade

    Loving v. Virginia

    Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States

    Gideon v. Wainright

    Nixon v. United States

    New York Times v. Sullivan

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    All the answers are good. Forgot one of the other landmark cases and in this writer's opinion is the most important one, Strickland v Washington. It set the standard for ineffective counsel.

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    tough question. row v wade. brown v board of ed. those are the only two i can think of right now. i think that they were very important decisions.

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    miranda vs. arizona sure cleared up complications. got people to know their 5th amendment right. even if people use it to make them look innocent when they are clearly guilty

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    They ruled against the income tax a few times, but we ended up changing our constitution so they couldn't stop it. :(

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    I personally think it was Watts.

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