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freshman in hs and freshman in college?

if you're a guy who's 18 and you've just graduated from hs and are about to go to college in the fall, would you start something with a girl who's 14? she obviously has a crush on you. she somehow found your myspace profile and eventually your sn on aim. she starts talking to you and you just talk back. you seem to be getting along with her. she showed you a picture of her and she looks pretty good. and based on her language, she sounds maturer than her age. would you take advantage of her and go out with her?

and notice, im the girl writing this


I believe "dudette" is the right word.

And it's actually "maturer", which, by the way, is a word.

Update 2:

He can't drive either. I know, strange. I asked but he said he uses his feet as his only way of transportation other than the bus or someone else's wheels.

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    Sweetheart, jailbait is jailbait. She may talk pretty, look pretty, but she's still pretty young. Don't put yourself in a hard place.

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    There is a huge difference between a freshman in high school and a freshman in college. Forget him and focus on boys closer to your age. There is too much difference. Don't hold him back. College is a wonderful time to really explore. High school is too but they are very different. When you get to college, you will understand. There are plenty of boys now so no need to focus on one. You have plenty of time. Focus on school and activities you enjoy. Don't waste your time pining on a boy in college. It will be a waste of time and you will have regrets most likely. Again when you get there, it will make sense. You have to trust the ones who have been there at this point or you would be wise to do so.

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    No you shouldn't get involved. I don't know if you have heard of statutory rape, but as far as I am concerned at 14 and him at 18, that would play into that field. You need to date someone your own age. He is going to college, he will be meeting all kinds of women his age, and will probably date some of them. You need to let him go do his thing, and you shouldn't be in that big of a hurry to grow up. Your time will come before you know it. Good Luck

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    That has trouble all over it. There is a HUGE maturity difference between 19 and 14. Plus in college there are plenty of hoochies he may want to hook up with. If he hooks up with you, that is statuatory rape, and if arrested and convicted, he would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. That would be sooooo wrong. Save yourself and him some grief and let it go.

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    Um, you probably won't like this answer, but your age difference at this point in your life is too far apart. You are in a much different place than he is. And most 18 year old guys only have one thing on their mind.

    Take it from someone with experience. I dated a 22 year old guy when I was 14. I lost my virginity to him, and to this day I feel like it was rape. Be very careful, please. You could be doing real psychological damage to yourself. What the heck are your parents saying/going to say.?

    Good luck

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    Well it would be against the law. As a guy you should never try to take advantage of a female who would compromise your principles. If you did you would have to forget you had any principles at all? That just wouldn't seem right?

    Become friends?

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    No. Be realistic, sweetie. There are beautiful, cleavage baring 18 yr old girls all over the place at college. The 14 yr old will very quickly be forgotten. Besides, that relationship isn't even practical - he's just finished experiencing everything that is high school, and you're just beginning. You can't even DRIVE yet!

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    Well, the boy is only 4 years older then you, but if you went out with him and got caught by the cops they would put him in jail so if you do wanna go out with him I would say wait another 4 years until you are 18 so when you date him he won't get put in jail by the cops.

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    14 is way too young to be involved in a serious relationship. It is not fair to him. You need to stop leading him on and get busy with the things a girl your age should be busy with, school, friends your own age, shopping :)

    You know that you are playing with fire and you know it is wrong so drop him and get on with real life. Ask your mom what she thinks. Ask anyone and they will tell you to get your head on right and stop this nonsense.

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    Nope I know what the term jail bait is and as an adult (18 is considered an adult) I wouldn't want my butt to land in jail for statutory rape of minor (14 is considered a minor), or even aiding in the delinquincy of a minor because I don't want to be dating my cell mate Bubba.

    IF he is a smart guy he will pat you on your head tell you you're cute and tell you to stick to the kiddie pool.

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    It may only be four years difference, but your worlds are worlds apart. He's making the transition to adulthood, you are not ready for that yet.

    Just continue to like him as a don't need a young man that is going to be interested in his first sexual experience, as you are too young for that.

    Continue the friendship and get good grades. Focus on making friends your own age. He is going to pull away from you as he makes friends at college, better not to be hurt expecting him to be thinking of you often.

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