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Should I keep my glasses on?

Well i just went to get an eye examination and the results are in. In a one year period i went from -1.50 to a -2.25. Here's my question: I don't wear my glasses a lot, and only when i need to see long distances. I'm 14 years old and vision is just going to increase. My eye specialist told me not to wear my glasses when I don't need them, but i though poeple said if you keep your glasses on all the time it helps your eyes relax and spend less energy to concentrate.

So should I wear my glasses all the time, or listen to her and wear them only when i need to. It's quite confussing because I always thought that you're vision will be more stable if you always keep your glasses on so your eye spends less energy and can relax. She says the same thing but vice-versa.

Please help me in this decision. You're help is appreciated

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    if your eye care professional told you to wear your glasses only for distance then thats what you should do...the only reason to wear your glasses all of the time is to get used to wearing them if you are not comfortable with them good luck

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    I've worn eyeglasses since I was in the 4th grade. I've had bad vision almost my entire life and I'm now a "very young" (g) grandmother.

    I wear my contacts on weekdays and give my eyes a chance to "breathe" by taking them out and wearing my line-free

    bi-focals all weekend.

    I find that when I don't wear eye assistance for a while, my eyesight "seems" to get stronger. Now, bear in mind that I'm near-sighted, which means that I can see everything that's close without my eyeglasses. In *my* case, that isn't very far and because I enjoy reading a lot, that means that my book is only about six inches from my nose.

    When I lose my glasses, which fortunately doesn't happen that often, I'm in a sheer panic...

    When I was a kid and had to go without glasses when they broke and was waiting for their replacement to arrive, I found that my eyes would seem to repair themselves to the best of their ability. I say "seem" 'cos with my poor eyesight, there's only so much my eyes can be expected to do without assistance from eye-wear.

    My suggestion to you is to do what *you* feel comfortable doing without jeopardizing your eyes' health and the safety of yourself and others.

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    Don't go by what other people say. Go by what your doctor says. He/she didn't go to Medical school for 8 years for you to listen to some random person on the internet/street.

    PS, your eyes didn't get better, or "repair themselves" while your glasses were broken, you just got used to having bad vision and didn't notice it as much.

    Source(s): I am an OD Tech. (optometrist tech)
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    i say get contacts.. that way everyone wins =)

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