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how can i get my hair like this (with pics)?

k wel i have a little longer then shoulder lentgth hair and i want it to have liek the spikey ness in the back like this one does and how does she have the green in there?

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    Search for emo hair styles on the net and go and get you hair cut that way...then get some green hair color and dye just two strips of you hair. You can get the green dye at Hot Topic...

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    1 decade ago

    You could use Hair Extension...

    You can buy them online

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    i just got my hair cut the other day so i could do the spikiness in the back. wut they did was they made it so that my hair was short and really light so that it made it easier to spike. youd have to go to a salon to get the green dye in your hair. but the best thing to do when your going to get your hair cut is to take the pic with you and then tell them wut you want. thats wut i always do that way they know wut ur looking to get your hair cut at.

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    my sister does that, its a cool tail i think. Also known as ummmmmm... extensions!

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