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I'm pre-med and interested in becoming a paramedic, is this a good idea?

I'm a junior in college. I've completed all my pre-med requirements and done well in them. I have two years left in college and my school has a paramedic program which if I choose to do would have me qualified as a paramedic by next summer. Oh yeah, I'm already an EMT and love the work. I'm definitely interested in being a paramedic and think that it is at least as applicable in my ultimate goal of medical school as chemistry or biology is. Should I go for it?! Thanks!


I'll be entering my junior year in the fall

Update 2:

you may have figured but I'm an EMT-B.

Update 3:

I already have a chemistry minor and actually doing this program won't affect when I graduate at all.

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    Go for it. The experience you would get as a medic would definitely help you out in med school. Since you're already an EMT, you are familiar with the field. I think you find being a medic helpful. By all means, do it.

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    You're already an EMT, going for paramedic is a step in the right direction. You're getting more exposure than most doctors who just stay in medical school are doing working in the field. Paramedics are the next best thing to being a doctor when there is none right away. Hey you might even be able to pay your tuition off faster working as a paramedic when you finish with med school.

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    I went to medical school after being a paramedic for 10 years. If you are working and getting experience as an EMT, I don't think being a paramedic will affect your application one way or the other. A paramedic and physician are more different than people realize. I though I knew it all when I was a paramedic, and quickly realized that I did not. I'm not sure I agree with your statement that it will help you as much as biology or chemistry.

    With that said, I loved being a paramedic, and thought it was a great job. If you want to be a paramedic, be a paramedic, but don't do it simply to help with medical school. If you want to help yourself with medical school, become an assistant or tutor for your anatomy class. Everyone in medical school needs to know anatomy a lot better than they are taught it in college.

    I would probably not become a paramedic, because it is likely to delay you going to medical school, as happened to me. I loved being a paramedic, but I was not so fond of being one of the oldest people in medical school

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    I was thinking about medical school for awhile, thinking that it might be a good idea to be certified as a nurse before becoming a doctor. Some people told me that wasn't really a good idea, though, because medical schools figure, "Oh, the person's already in medicine, which is understaffed, and we want to bring as many NEW people as we can into the practice." You're already IN medicine, so even that might be one strike against you if you ever want to become a doctor. I don't think it would really make that much difference to the medical schools if you do paramedic work rather than EMTing, so do whatever is in your heart to do!

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    as a paramedic of course i would have to say yes. the experience that you will get as a paramedic will put you that much further up on the list for med school (it's very hard to get into the good med schools) and also if you end up becoming an ER doc it will have you that much more prepared. plus the friendship that you get out of it, as you would probably know, is amazing. i mean my partner and i have the best relationship and even after a 24 hour shift i can still bear to live next door to him. oh and also it sure beats becoming a nurse, you know paramedics can do things that nurses cant, and we also dont have to deal with the obnoxious patient for 12 hours like nurses do!!!

    Source(s): im a paramedic, as the saying "EMT, the hardest job you'll ever love"
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    My best friend is an EMT. It has a turnover rate of around 8 years. So much traumatic experiences. Go for it but have a back-up plan!

  • It could be good to learn the basic procedures and protocals, but it may be a step in the wrong directon if you are aiming at being a doctor. It can be somewhat different and it could conflict with you r schedule. Really research this before you decide either way.

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    Yes that is a great idea gurly but finish school of course...smiles

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    do it. do it. do it.

    you can always go back to med school if you want to go doc later on.

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    Go for it

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