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Why is the oak-tree considered to be a holy tree?

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    The oak was a vital tree to the Celts because it provided food, good fuel for fire & solid materials for shelter (in short, it provided for all needs.)

    Source(s): Have studied the Druids & Celts for over a decade now.
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    The oak of Abraham, also called Mambre, could be seen standing until the reign of Constantius. A church has been erected there. The place of this oak is thought of as important because under it Abraham gave hospitality to angels who visited him. At first the place was called Arbe, and later it was named Hebron. The story is contained in 1 Chronicles.

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    To the best of my knowledge it is a WISE tree not necessarily holy.

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    It's the symbol of Zeus.


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    Because it's on German coins???

    OK, got me.

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