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If it was your choice, who would you have as general manager of raw, smackdown, and ecw, respectively?

personally, i think it would be interesting to have vince as raws gm... which i guess he already is... stephanie as sds gm... and shane omac as ecws gm... cant see it happening in the future, but id be entertained if it was to happen :)


it was a pretty simple question... if i wanted a detailed answer about which writers should write the shows than i would have asked for that... but i wanted people have answers regarding who they would like to see on tv as the "bosses" of the 3 shows... nothing too technical

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    Raw: William Regal

    ECW: Paul Heyman

    Smackdown: Eric Bishcoff

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    honestly wouldn't matter who would be the GM as they pretty much follow what the 'writers' do or say...

    If anything, I'd change the head writers of each brand and have

    -Eric Bischoff as head writer for Raw (Bischoff, in my opinion is a genius, plus I miss the elimination chamber matches and the roulette wheel, which I do believe were legitimately his ideas and not the writers...notice how they don't use either since Bischoff no longer appears on air)

    -Paul Heyman as head writer for ECW (Heyman with ECW speaks for itself)

    -Vince Russo as head writer of Smackdown. (Lets be honest, the current Smackdown roster is a joke with only Edge, ric Flair and possibly Matt Hardy as the true active wrestlers with skills on the Smackdown roster. Adding Russo as a writer, he will either make Smackdown a joke, which it already is a joke, or something respectable, either way with Russo, it will get interesting.

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    ECW- Heyman or Shane

    Raw-Lose Coach, I think Steph might be good

    Smackdown-Keep Teddy

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    ECW-paul hayman

    raw -THE Rock

    smackdown-all the mcmahons

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    Raw: J.R. - he's so cool

    SmackDown: I like Teddy Long, he's funny

    ECW: Sane McMahon - he could really shake things up over there!

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    I agree with G6260@.

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    1 decade ago

    wrestling is for losers

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