younger sister problems please help?

my sister who is 11 and i am 14 so isnt it obvious that i should be the alpha???? she doesnt respect me like i do her everytime she does something i get in trouble and my parents take her side no matter what .she is rude and disrespectful to most of my friends and all the ones that dont believe me thats shes a evil little wench, they think she is a sweet angel. she acts all innocent around my firends and tells her friends that i am mean and rude.we'll get along a little bit and the next day we will be fighting for something that she started. i ll come into her room looking for something and not other her at all and she will shove me out of her room and start yelling at me but when she comes into my room i ask her to leave and ill get the item she wants but she just look though my stuff withous permission and ignore me when i try to shove her out and yell she refuses. when i try to talk to her she ignores me and says that all of that is my fault and my parents dont even care


she is much more spoiled than me and thinks that since i am older that i should do all the work in the house. when i am doing something in the back yard like practicing golf (dont ask why) or cleaning the pool my ddad tells her to pick up poop from the dog and she picks up half and puts the tools away then i see that there is much more and she says "why dont you do it" she is sitting on the couch watching tv while i am practicing of cleaning the pool. i know i am the older one and should deealing with it responsibly but it doesnt work and talking to my parents or her wont work. well the main thing is how do i solve my sister problem and show her that i am the alpha and i should be respected more. i dont want to earn her respect like how you earn your parents'. i am much more busy and my parents agree that we should split up the duties but i have to pick up the poop, do the dishes, feed the dog, walk the dog, clean the house when my sister sits on her little @$$ playing on the comput

Update 2:

i already talked to my dad and he doest care my i know my mom wont listen because since i am getting older i should be getting more responsibilities. i am only 14 for crying out loud i am already more responsibly than my sis. sometimes i just really want to smack her so hard

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    hey, i am elder too and i know how it feels like been constantly bothered by the younger ones. Here is what I did, act as if you care a damn about her, if you want to give her something then just tell your parents that her thing has got into yours and plz forward it to her. Don't come in her way and if she comes in yours then first warn her that the consequences might be worse.Try and treat her as if she is a dirt. Then she will automatically come to her senses. If you constantly go and try to get along then I am sure she will bully you. Just do something by which she gets to know wht you really are and andwht control you can have on her life.

    Again if she still tries to bully you then don't think that she is your sister or any other ****. Just do what you feel is correct. If your parents don't understand then make them understand, and come on man you are elder to her and you have every right to bully her.

    And also tell your friends abt her. If they dont understand then as she acts with your friends, you act the same way with her friends. Win their hearts and make them believe that you are very good. And infront of your parents,friends act as if you can't get apart from her in a good way. But at the same time remember wht i said first. All th best and get a hold on your life

    Bye and tc,hf,ks

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    For you being the big sister she will get away with alot of things, but you have to know her every move and what she is going to do before she does it. I'm the oldest and my sister does me the same thing all you have to do it make up something to your parents that she did to you and tell them she did it even though she didn't. Tell them she came in your room and broke something like your favorite CD since she does go in your room without permission, and let them know that they always take her side and you both doe the same thing to each other and it's not fair for you to take the blame regardless of who did it. If you can record her and show it to them so they will see what she does. But always remember that when it comes to the little sister us as big sisters will always get the blame I just learned to live with it and eventually my sister will get it trouble, but now since my mom pays attention she notices what she does and she would get in trouble now. Just hang in there you can get her back when she least expects it.

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    Just because you're older doesn't automatically mean you're the "alpha". Sounds to me like you used to run all over her as kids. Now she's older and can push back and you aren't liking that. Stop with the double standard. Don't go into her room looking for stuff. Ask her for it politely. Especially if you expect her to respect your space later. Quit whining to your friends about her. If she's really as bad as you say, it'll show through eventually. Take the moral high ground so she doesn't have any ammunition.

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    if i were you i would talk to your parents about it

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