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Baby Puppy?

My 10 week old puppy is whineing soo much it's driving my family nuts. He crys then he'll play, He'll run, Cry. I don't know why he is so upset. Any suggestion's. Also i have asked about my mp2 player please check out my profiel on yahoo answers and help me with it.


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    Is this puppy training you? What happens when he cries or whine? Do you run over and try to soothe and calm him? Or do you wait until it lasts a while and is bugging you and then pick him up and snuggle him? Of course these are all natural response to an adorable little puppy that is whining, but if you are doing any of these things it is likely the whining will not go away as he is learning that you snap to attention if he is whining. Some whining in a puppy is normal. If you know he is safe then don't worry about it.. given attention on your time and let him just get over the whining thing.

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    How long have you had your puppy? If it has only been a few days, it may just now be missing its mom and siblings. You say the pup runs and plays between crying sessions? Does he seem like he's in any pain? Like his leg or foot might be bothering him? If you've had him 2 weeks or more, you might want to give the vet a call. He'll be due for booster shots soon anyway. Good luck!

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    Maybe he wants extra attention. Puppies need tons of attention, it can be overwhelming. He will grow out of it when he gets older. My puppy drove me nuts when I first got her. She hated to even be in a room by herself she would cry to badly she would start shaking. I hated it because I couldn't stay home with her all day. Now she's fine and adjusted and only 7 months old.

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    He's just lonely. 10 weeks is young still for a puppy. He misses his mom and his brother and sisters from the litter. Just give him lots of love and attention. It should stop within a few weeks.

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    I have a 6 month old american bulldog and sometimes she will do that. She will play and then whine a little, its because she wants something that she see's that she wants to play with but I won't give it to her.

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    maybe he misses his mom and siblings. it usually takes time for a puppy to adjust to a new environment. if he is eating fine and playing, just give him a little more time.

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    don't put it in a confined area. let if move freely. it won't cry that way..

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