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I think this tattoo sounds like it would be awesome, but what do you think?

I want the word "Life" tattooed on my back in between my shoulders maybe a little lower and above it a flower right when it's about to bloom. What you think?



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    have your artist draw it up and put the stencil on your back n see what ya think, only your opinoin counts hun, i think it sounds awesome , what kind of lettering will you get?? Oh and make sure you find the best artist around you dont want to regret it because of bad work! its hard to find the best artist but it is worth it in the end, check around and if ya have a bad feeling dont be afraid to walk away! and make sure they autoclave everything and its all sanitary, i have several tats and my artist is awesome , he pencils me in when need be!

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    Tat sounds cool. Look at what I found about the epidural.

    Q: I've heard that if you get a tat on your lower back, you cannot have an epidural if you decide to have children. Is this true?

    A: I had to look this one up because it was something I had never heard before. PubMed apparently did some research on this theory and concluded that there are no conclusions and no proof to substantiate this theory. BME quickly dismisses this as an urban legend, but one pervasive enough that even doctors have been known to believe it.'s medical expert says, "The needle would go through the epidermis, dermis and into the areas where the anesthesia is infiltrated without difficulty", but wisely advises that anyone in this situation get personal professional advice from their own anesthesiologist.

    My conclusion? As a mother of two, I can assure you that there are so many variables when having children that it is impossible to consider and prevent any possible difficulty. I also know that doctors have a knack for finding ways to provide for their patients, despite obstacles. They're not going to refuse pain relief to a woman in labor just because she has a lumbar tattoo, even if they believe in the above theory.

    If a lower back tattoo is something you really want and this is the only thing standing in your way, you can always talk to your doctor about your concerns and see what they have to say on the matter. However, it appears to me that the chances of a lumbar tattoo actually interfering with an epidural or other pain relief is very, very minimal if not nil.

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    sounds like that would be pretty cool!

    But as for the lower back tattoo and epidirals....

    I have had 2 children and 2 epidirals.

    I had the lower back tattoo with both and all that was said is nice tattoo. They do not effect epidurals at all!!!!

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    Some nurses used to refuse to do epidurals on women with lower back tattoos years ago, but that's all but died out now. I wouldn't worry about that - having superficial ink will not cause any problems with an epidural, which is much deeper.

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    It sounds nice. A little common but nice enough if you go for a unique coloring of the flower. You can't get an epidural if you have a lower back tat. Not sure why. I just know that because my mom's a RN.

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    Just a comment that the epidural is not an issue; you can get one. There might be a minor concern in that they don't want damage the tattoo, but other regulars have attested that it is only a small thing.

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    Well I love back tattoos on girls, and I think you should go for it. Just make sure you go to the right person, you want it to look as good as possible, since it is going to be on you forever.

    I myself plan on getting wings on my back with either some sort of red or lotus flowers falling from them.

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    I think it sounds pretty cool and that spot sounds good because when you get old then you can hide it if you want.

    and lower back tatoo's do effect an epiduril (sp?) and I dont' think they can give you one because of scar tissue or something.

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    please dont go marking up your body! tattoos are terrible. you will regret it later! i guarantee it!

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