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Anybody here ever looked up the meaning of your names?(first, middle,last)?

Talk about an eye opener.


Well, come on guys. List the full meaning of your names.

Mines ....uhh... pretty screwed up.....

First name means worthy protector. Middle name means world ruler. Last name means Settles disputes by giving adversary several swift kicks to the testicles. I told you. A little weird.

Update 2:

ROSEY: I believe you.

Update 3:

Kelstar: Friend of mine looked them up today. I lmao when he told me.

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    Yeah. Don't know if it's significant that both my first and last names mean about the same thing first name God of war, last name Lord of war. Don't have a middle name. I'm really not the warrior type either. I'm a lover not a fighter.

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    Yes i have to admit i have flicked through the meanings on the odd occasion. My first name means Warrior Woman. lol. I laugh because i can definitely see me parading around in a loin cloth and spear, hunting for food (note the sarcasm) - maybe I'd be one of those Amazon Woman.....if only i were 6 foot....almost there but not quite. My middle name and last name i must confess i forget but when given the opportunity i will check again.

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    Mine's nothing too out of the ordinary although a bit androgynous. I've looked it up a million times while deciding on my kid's names. I love word origins, name origins, and so on....couldn't name my kids till I got to know them. Same with pets. It's awful! ;)



    Miller of grain (maiden name)

    My ex was named Michael, it was a misnomer....

    Kids' meanings are Silver (which suits) and Enticer (which does as well)....

    I may know your first two - but that surname is um, intriguing.

  • teri
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    Your name isn't weird, its how you see the meanings that screws it all up....

    my first name in Hebrew means: to reap...

    the nickname to my first name in Punjabi means: I'm yours

    and my attitude and spirituality makes it all true and gives it great meaning from how I am with others that I meet.

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    Sure - long time ago - first name means "supplanter", last name means "conquerer"


    Looks like that means, in general, that I get what I want by hook or by crook


    And I want to get into politics to shut the government down - LOL - now..does anyone else think thats funny besides me - LOL

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    My first name means to "Reap or Harvest"

    My middle name means "Rebellion or bitterness"

    and my maiden name means "the god of white light"

    My mother swears had she known the meanings of what she named me it would have been different. When I was younger I lived up to the meaning of my first two names.


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    Yeah, but my name means courageous and I'm most definitely not...I love the name means like a bird, and when I think of it, I just think "free like a bird" how could anything be better?

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    My real name is very unique.. there's really no meaning to my first name since it was made up... my last name has royal ties to it (no joke).....

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    Your name meaning is awesome, what is your name

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Powerful -- God is gracious -- Welshman

    ....ahh, the extraordinary powers of the internet;)

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