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if i were going to make a magazine?

If i were to make a teenaged based magazine what would you like to read in it? Anything you like. What do you enjoy? also what's a unique name for it? the magazine will be based for all types of girls, prissy and tomboys, tall and short, fashionable and those who have no sense of fashion, thick(i don't believe in the word FAT unless they arebig and sloppy) and skinny, for Everyone ( except maybe goths because i don't understand what that really means, and i love color. my room's flippin' bright orange for pete's sake!). there should be something for everyone. So please be generous and tell me whats on your mind.:)

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    loving yourself, and how you shouldn't allow others to continue demeaning who you are.

    important issues such as that.

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    The name of the magazine could either be iFirst - The place to be (tagline)....or could be a gist of content that the magazine would be focusing on...

    the content could be(as its target audience is teenagers)

    Cover Story - which could range from handling teenage relationships, teenager-parent relationship, teenager-teacher or anything grave (it could be based on an incident with a teenager..sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc..)

    Career talk - where students can be guided for further career.

    Tips - motivating, success, etc...

    Entertainment - music, television shows (especially nat geo, discovery)

    Contributions - from teenagers such as poems, true stories, life experiences (can even turn into a cover story)

    Games, Quiz, Relationship Queries, Sexual Queries, section on emotional to deal with break-ups, or parents during a to support a friend in crisis

    i hope this helps.....let me know if you do start a magazine

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    you would need to cover everything about everything girls love, hate, and issues they just want to talk about. You would also need the latest fashion trends for less. This should be a magazine fit for a girl rich or poor or in the middle and something we can relate to and really love to read.

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    The name would be Everyone magazine. In the magazine i would include celeb interview ( a couple)..... A section about real girls and just fun little things

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    I would like to read about something about beauty,fashion how tos and self esteem help.I think you must make it more helpful.Maybe something to do with our issues we face as teens like aneroxic girls,stereotyping,parents and money issues.Make it full of colour.

    I would read it then.

  • it should have a bit for music and pick an artist/band that you think is hot at that moment.

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    Entertainment ,music and celebritie? i think that' a good name?

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