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can a baby embro?

at like not even 3 weeks turn into a cyst if it isnthandled right.. cuz took a test and it came out positive then i got my period or somethig and i thought i lost it and then i drank and then i was rushed to the hospital for cramps and it was a cyst .. so what could have happened?


it was alcohol.. but it was after i got my period so i thought i had already lost it. so i was just like rlly depressed so i drank and then yeah like 3 weeks later i found out i have a cyst

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    No, a baby cannot become a cyst. Sounds like you miscarried and they did an ultrasound and found a cyst on your ovary. It's common to have a cyst after ovulation on the ovary you ovulated from. What exactly was it that you drank, hun?

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    no a cyst is a cyst and a baby is a baby. and why are you drinking if you think you are pregnant?

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