How does the Spanish American War illustrate the strength of public opinion in democratic society?

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    Public opinion throw its support behind the United States retaliating against Spain, AFTER it read the morning papers in January 1898 (the following story reflects the strength of public opinion in a Democratic society): "In January 1898, the USS Maine was sent to Havana, Cuba, to protect U.S. interests during a time of local insurrection and civil disturbances. The mysterious sinking of the battleship USS Maine on February 15, 1898, at 9:30 p.m. in Havana Harbor is stated to be a direct attack by the Spanish."

    Americans then cried and screamed for revenge of the Maine; "Remember the Maine!"


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    Public opinion?

    Why not ask the real question, for the public followed the papers. The papers made the news, the publc followed the papers. What was then is the same now. The public follows the influence of the press. Or do yo think that a farmer in Kansas really cared about a poor oppressed Cuban worker or a Phillipine worker under the corrupt inept and cruel Spainsih Fuedal system?

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    Research the impact of yellow journalism on U.S. foreign policy at the time.

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