Today in Arizona a pitbull was left out in the 115 degree heat and died with no water and chaned to a pole!?


What should they do to such a cruel idiot?I have 3 pitbulls and think he should be shot!

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    First, they should be put in jail and a big fat fine given to them. Not a measely $500 fine either. I'm talking atleast 3-5 grand. That would make people think twice about how they treat there dogs and be more responsible with a penalty like that. And an other thing, for the person who said they are not a fond of the pit. You are an idiot, if you are a petlover in anyway, then love all dogs. Dont hate the breed. People like you make me sick. Keep your rediculous comments to yourself.

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    I think they need tougher laws to protect animals. This jacka$$ will get a fine and a slap on the wrist, nothing in comparison to how that poor dog suffered in the end. People can be so cruel. Last week here in NJ they found a dog running long the side of the highway that was so docile and scared and had horrible scars and wounds they said were obvious of a dog fighting ring. This dog was the training dog that was ripped apart by other dogs and they used it because it never fought back and wouldn't maim the attachers. What I want to know is how anyone could do such a thing to an animal...especially a faithful loving and adoring dog? It makes me sick. I wish I could work for the SPCA or Humane Society when they investigate cases and rescue abused animals but I am certain that they would have a brutality case on their hands because I would not be able to see an animal that was starved to death and beaten and not introduce the creep who did it to my nightstick or club.

    St. Francis of Assisi said it best " "If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who deal likewise with their fellow men."...........St. Francis of Assisi

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    I am just sick to my stomach to hear this!!! Ignorant people should never own an animal. I think they should chain that owner up outside in 115 degree weather without water & show him what he has put this dog through!!! Of course they will not do this, but I would. I feel the laws for animal abuse / cruelty is no where strict & punishable as it should be!!! I know Pits can be good dogs since my daughter has three that lives inside the house with two little girls, ages 4 & 6.

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    was the Humane Society called? was this something you heard about or someone you know? I see that animal cops show on Animal Planet all the time... is there someone like that they could be turned into? Before you turn someone in though, do you know ... did they not put any water out for him at all? was there any shade for him to escape the heat? Or maybe he drank all the water because it was so hot? were they purposely mistreating this animal or was it just a total accident that this happened? So many questions... I guess more info is needed to truly answer the question!

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    I wish we could chain him to a pole and leave outside (no water and in the heat).......But that will never happen, you know show people how that chit feels! And put them on the news so everyone can know what exactly they did.

    I have two dogs one is a pit bull but I'd never put mine on a chain let along leave outside in the heat.

    Stupid irresponsible owners JUST PISS ME OFF!

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    the owner should be tied to a pole in 115 degree heat and left to die as well. a bullet is too good for the cruel bastard

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    1 decade ago

    My sister's dad chained their dog to a pole in Florida. The dog ran around and around until he was unable to reach water. He died in the heat! That was in the 1970's, but I don't believe in chain animals outside. My big dog lives in the living room. It wouldn't work for every dog, but Tatum is so lazy she doesn't cause any problems inside!

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    i'm sure. and since i live in the midwest i never heard about this. but if this dog had bitten someone it would have been national news. or if it was a lab, poodle, golden, etc.... it probably would have made national news as well. it's sad, but until people stop being sheep and believing the media hype, nothing major will be done about the mistreatment of pits.

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    there are animal cruelty laws and in some states, they can be arrested for this. Let me say I am not fan of "pitbulls", but they are still dogs and considered pets, as opposed to bob cats or wolves, so there must be something that can be done.... call P.E.T.A...... although my dog was poisoned and even law enforcement would not touch it, peta will.

  • We had something like that happen in my city.

    We need to bring back cruel and unusual punishment.

    Source(s): 10 years of being an animal shelter volunteer
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