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Challenging Senior Year??

Do colleges look at your senior schedule classes as well as 9-11 grade ones? I am taking challenging courses my senior yr and want colleges to see that I am am a hard worker and can handle it thanks : )

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    Yes they do look at senior year. The only year they do not look at is freshmen year, but be warned during your senior year you'll get lazy and might not do well in the classes.

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    It depends on the school.

    I took challenging classes in my senior year, and I would like to believe that it helped me get into the school I wanted.

    I would say that yes, it's on your transcript, and if your senior year has lots of AP classes listed on it; along with your other years, I do believe that having those more difficult senior classes will pay off in admissions.

    The grades don't really matter unless you fail the courses, because the acceptance process is done before your senior grades are final for even the first semester.

    Source(s): Just a guy going to college in the fall.
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    It does help to keep taking the hard courses all four years of high school, otherwise, it looks like you were trying to blow off your senior year by taking easy classes.

    Also, continue to try to make the good grades, even after you received your acceptance letter. You still must submit a final high school transcript and your college can change its mind after sending you the acceptance letter. It really isn't done until May 1st (or, which date your college chooses to be its tuition deposit due date).

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    They don't consider senior year as much because you will have already been accepted or rejected by the time the year is done but they will look at it to see if you took real classes and didn't get senioritis because they may rescind your acceptance if you take nothing but underwater basket weaving. You'll be fine.

    Source(s): Also a senior.
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    They look at all 4 years of grades and classes. They also look at extracurricular activities and SAT/ACT scores.

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