How do I go about establishing a legal parenting plan?

My and I have 2 children and things were going okay until recently and it has occured to me that we need a very detailed parenting plan that we are legally obligated to follow.

Does it cost money to have an arbiter help us with the matter? Who do I talk to, what do I do? I need help ASAP :-(


He is my ex boyfriend, we were neer married :-) The oldest is not his biological child but I am going to treat it as shs is, regardless of legal advantage to my side, because he has been taking care of her for 5 years.

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    Well, I found a few sites online that could help you. I believe [as with all legal issues] you would have to pay for the service. However, preparing in advance would lessen the cost of the plan.

    You did not mention who is the other parent. Is he your ex-boyfriend/husband or are you still married?

    These websites are my favorite that I came across. See how it's '.gov' that means it is an official government site. It should help you out alot. They are Australian but should do even if you are in a different country.

    Here is another that I believe you don't need a lawyer for. I am not sure though:

    I hope you find what you are looking for. If it's not, you should try to speak with a legal perfessional. Best of Luck!

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