Will a master's degree in Computer Science make it a lot easier for me to find a job?

I am getting my bachelors in Computer Science. I'm worried about job stability. Would getting a masters degree in CS help me out significantly than simply having bachelors?

I want to see if its worth the time and effort to go that extra step. Or do you believe a lot of internship experience will help out more?


supposedly less than 20% right now have a master's degree in CS/

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    Unless you want to teach computer science at a community college, I don't see how a master's degree will help you get a job, over an internship. It use to be you didn't even need a degree to get into computers, then you needed an associate degree, now you need a bachelor's degree. All the job qualifications I see for computer jobs require a bachelor's degree, 2-3 years of experience, and certifications. I'd do an internship so you get some experience and try to get certifications for whatever you're interested in: networking and database certs are the hottest, though if you're into programming a java cert sure wouldn't hurt.

    Check out the fastest growing jobs for 2004-14 according to the US Dept of Labor, six are computer jobs, and all require a Bachelor's degree: http://www.bls.gov/emp/emptab21.htm

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Was a computer programmer, programmer analyst, data base support, help desk agent/administrator, IT trainer, computer college instructor and now am a computer college online program director and blackboard admininstrator I had a psychology 4 year degree, got a data processing associate degree, and now I'm only getting my masters in education, since I like working at colleges, and they love degrees over experience or certs, unlike the business world, which likes the opposite, experience and certs.
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    First, I'd recommend that you take Computer Systems or Information Technology, since typcically, CS is a math based major. If you do a Associates in CS, Comp/Info Systems or IT, you will probably only have to take a few pre-reqs and the core for the Associates. With that you will probably be able to at least make a lateral move to a computer related job because you've demonstrated to them that you are committed to the industry. I would suggest committing past that to a undergrad degree to complete your education. You need that base to be able to advance in your career and to understand all the concepts and technology that you will encounter. Once again, since you already have a degree and some of the work will be out of the way from the Associates, the upper division classes will only take a couple of additional years and your company may help you with the expense. Also, don't forget technical certifications such as Network Certifications, and Microsoft Specialist Certs, these can be learned through shorter courses and are often time just as valuable as your college education. Good luck!

  • Ian M
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    Well, for starter's, either one will help you get a job. Internship will probably help you get a job faster, but the Master's Degree will get you a better job in the long run.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well it all depends on the employer, it may or may not help. Some companies will say your over qualified, but then again it may be just what they are looking for. I would say go for it, if anything you can start your own business as a computer specialist.

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