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how to vote tajmahal through internet...?

taj need more vote to declare it as a wander of the world.. fi some 1 help me how to vote through inter net i will inform my friends in my college, orkut, chatting..

so plz help me out

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    Yup just follow the instuctions given above, pass it on to others too.

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to

    Fill out ur valid email address in the form and select 7 buttons which u think might be 7 wonders of the world (Do include Taj Mahal) . Then they'll send u a mail.

    Go to ur email account and click on the link.. that will again take u to the new7wonders site. Fill out ur name and details and click on vote. Then only ur vote will be registered.

    This is a 3 step procedure . Do complete it and vote thru all of ur email addresses separately.

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